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Porting Services

If you've developed a game, and you're only releasing on Steam, you're missing out on the huge console market. Steel Arts Software is launching a porting service with a variety of different options to suit all projects. For context, as a company, we made 4x more in the console market on our projects than we did on Steam.

Porting Only - If you just need someone to handle all the annoying console specific stuff and just can't get you're head around it, we can do that for you. We'll take your project and deliver a complete port, optimized for your target platforms and ready for Cert/QA.

Port and Publish - If you are not an approved developer on the platforms you wish to release, we can act as a publisher for you, handling the port and all the platform specific work that comes with releasing on consoles.

Port, Publish and Promote - If the project is super exciting, we have a limited capacity to provide funding towards promotion. This would essentially be Port and Publish with the potential for financial support towards promoting and marketing your game.

We have shipped titles across PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC and we have a cross generation title releasing in June 2021, which will be available on all major consoles including PS5 and Xbox Series X.

We have Dev Kits and Test Kits for all platforms and would invite anybody into the studio to test out your game on consoles! If interested, email us at

Image by Charles Sims
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